Niche Down to Bring Sales Up

Are You Missing Sales by Being Too Broad? It’s time to niche down in order to bring your sales numbers up.

One of the top reasons for missing out on sales is being too broad. When you define your true customer, are you saying, “Everyone”? Well, in this day and age, then it might as well be no one. 

The reason you need to niche down is that you have a limited amount of resources. Both your time and your money are limited resources to put towards acquiring clients. Consequently, if you spread your resources too thin, then they will be powerless in working towards your sales goals.

Concentrating your resources in one area though (aka niching down). . .

Now, that can be powerful. 

Finding Your Sales Niche (i.e. your ideal customer)

  • To start finding your sales niche, first define what your customers look like. What are their demographics – age, locations, jobs, point in life, interests, etc.
  • Decide what core products you have that meet what these customers think their needs are.
  • Decide when these customers want to purchase your products and services.
  • Finally, how do they like to buy. Does their age group prefer online interactions? In person? What other avenues do they pursue in solving their insurance problems?

How to Niche Down: A Powerful Example 

One good example of how finding your niche sales area can be effective, is with online marketing. To start, in the online marketing space, we all need people to find our website.

  • The way they find you is via search – most likely with Google. If you tell Google that your business’ focus is “insurance sales,” then just about no one will find you. That is too broad of a focus.
  • Instead, if you tell Google that your focus is “Medicare Insurance Sales in Omaha, NE,” then people will have a much better chance of finding you. 

Side Note: If you are interested in finding your niche and reaching clients via web search, we happen to be very good at this. Contact us for information on our consulting services.

Action Steps

Unless you are a giant corporation with millions of dollars to put towards reaching everyone, you need to find a niche. (Moreover, even giant corporations have limited resources and have to set up marketing boundaries.)

You can “niche down” to your target market in all your marketing. Focusing small, or strategically narrow, will help you to grow your sales big! Try it out, and then let us know how it goes.

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