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If you are an insurance agent that likes to stand out from the pack and is constantly growing and adapting to better serve your clients’ needs, then we have an Insurance Sales Newsletter for you.

We created the Insurance Agent Money Sales Newsletter to give client-centered, educated agents the edge in both the digital and physical marketplace.

Why this Newsletter

There are a lot of sales newsletters out there, but none like this one. The insurance industry is changing and clients’ needs and habits are changing. At the same time, sales and marketing tactics are evolving as the internet matures.

As an agent, your time is limited. It’s time to use the best tools out there to make yourself known to all your potential clients. As they say, it’s better to work smart than hard. However, we all know, agents do both. Here is what we deliver:

  • Training, learning, development – this is how you get your edge in providing service people talk about.
  • Our specialty is teaching agents how to best use online marketing tools to reach new customers.

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Agent Sales Newsletter Introduction

At the time of writing this introduction, we are all just closing out 2020. It was a weird year. Now it’s over.

Even if 2020 was a financially successful year for you, you are most likely relieved to have it end.  We all know we are not out of the woods yet. However, the start of the new year allows us a refresh. 

A Reboot.

Reboot Definition: To restart, revive, give fresh impetus to.

  • To shut down, and then restart
  • To start up again after closing or shutting down : to boot up again
  • To start (something) anew : to refresh (something) by making a new start or creating a new version source
  • (Impetus = “the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly.” source). 
Reboot - the insurance agent sales newsletter

This Sales Newsletter’s Purpose 

Beyond sales tips, this newsletter is for agents that are excited, or at least determined, to move forward in 2021, and make it incredible.

For every second that 2020 was difficult, stressful and uncertain…

  • 2021 will be the reboot we need to reach our goals. 
  • You are the impetus, or the force, that makes progress happen quickly. 

Let us be your support.

What to Expect from the Insurance Agent Money Sales Newsletter

In each newsletter you will find information relevant to helping you sell more insurance and make more money. We will cover a variety of strategies, motivations, psychologies, tools, and tips all directed at the same goal. Here is what to expect in your first month: 

Your Reboot Intro Newsletters

  1. Introduction & 2020 Brain Dump
  2. Your 2021 Reboot Plan
  3. Habit Stacking for Sales
  4. What it Takes  – 10 Things You Need to Succeed in 2021
  5. How to Close Series Tip #1

We will be covering these topics from a reporter standpoint – reporting to you what the experts say, and stories from real agents as well. Our expertise happens to be in online marketing, so we will also be bringing you tips on website marketing, platform promotion and local SEO. 

Your Action: Wrapping up to Start Fresh

This next section, is a sample of what kind of information you will find in our newsletter. We will send this first step to you in your initial introduction series, but here it is now, so you can get started asap.

  • First, if you haven’t already, sign-up to receive the newsletter.
  • Second, to wrap up 2020 (or if you are reading this later, to start fresh at whatever point you are at now), we have one action item for you: A 2020 Brain Dump

It’s Time to Get it all Out

(From Intro Newsletter #1)

A “Brain Dump” is when you free up all of your mental space by getting all of your old projects, to-do lists, and goals out of your head and onto paper. (This can be done digitally as well. Just pick the medium that suits your style best.)

This is a purge. Sit down and take the time to think of, and then write down, everything you can that was taking up space in your head for the last year. Do this for your business, but then if you want to, you can do it again for your personal life too. 

To start, write down:

  • things that need to be wrapped up,
  • frustrations,
  • big items and small items,
  • old long term goals,
  • new 2021 goals you have been considering,
  • to do lists,
  • people you need to follow up with,
  • etc.

Then, cross out what you don’t need to ever think about again.

  • NOTE, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: You must be ruthless and only keep the items that can truly make you more successful in the next year. It is time to make space in your head for what will serve you the most.

Finally, put together a new list for the new year, and put it in an order that will best suit you. 

Time to start “anew.”

2020 Conclusions

With so many industries having to shut down business in 2020, we are lucky in the insurance industry. Yes, things have changed, but we still keep working. We restart, rather than come back from a complete shutdown. 

However, we also have the powerful opportunity to reboot. To to start anew, or to make a fresh start. 

Moreover, you are in control of how fast change happens. 

You are the impetus (force) for your reboot. 

Bye Bye 2020.

Cheers to 2021, and Cheers to You!

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