Success in Sales: How to Be Successful in Sales

What it takes. – Here are the 10 Things you need to succeed as an agent and have success in sales.

  • There is a big difference between being a small piece in a machine and being the motor that runs it. 
  • Being in sales means you are the motor. If something needs to get done you are the force that gets things going and makes things happen.
  • Your drive and entrepreneurial power are needed to take your business to the next level, especially during this reboot year.

**Remember our Reboot Definition: To restart, revive, give fresh impetus to.

“You are the impetus, or the force, that makes progress happen quickly.”**

So, what will it take this year to meet your goals?

Here are 5 things to focus on when you need to renew your force and 5 essential things you need for success in 2021.

Personal Motor Elements for Success in Sales

1. Hard Work & Common Sense

Do the work, but also make sure it is the right work. There is nothing worse than spending all your time and energy on something that gets you nowhere. Be smart about your tasks and make sure your daily activities have purpose and impact.

2. Resilience

You will get knocked down. You know it. So, how will you deal with it this year? Where will your persistence and determination come from? You get to decide.

3. Personal Energy

If you stop, your business stops. That said, you need to take care of yourself so you can keep your tenacity and power your business forward. You have a limited amount of time, so use it wisely. Prioritize the things that fill you up so you can work at your highest capacity.

4. Personal Investment

You need experts and education to bring you to the next level and to keep growing. Investing time and money into expert mentors and your education will give you the drive to keep going. Focus on industry and product education, as well as, personal growth and business development. 

5. Curiosity

You need to like what you do and truly enjoy learning more about your industry, your clients and your business. Ask questions, engage experts and get excited about the opportunities that are out there waiting for you.

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Business Motor Elements for Success in Sales

To be successful in sales, you need to have a business system in place. Here are the top 5 business components you need to make it to the top.

1. The Right Support System for Success in Sales

Make sure you are with an upline or marketing company that supports you. In addition, make sure that you surround yourself with people that “get” you and want to see you succeed. There are a lot of options out there with varying cultures and priorities. Find a place where you feel at home.

2. Reliable Client/Prospect Communication

It doesn’t need to be fancy, or constant, it just needs to be reliable. Make sure you have a plan to follow-up with every lead and with every customer. 

3. A Solid Online Presence

How to Reach Your Sales Goals This Year

Yes, in 2021 you need to be able to be found online. Social media platforms and third party web presences are an okay start. However, your most valuable real estate is a website that you own and control.

  • Creating your web property is your first step.
  • The next step is getting it on the search engine radar.

Both steps are critical for your success going forward. You can certainly do this on your own if you are comfortable learning and creating online. However, if this seems overwhelming, then you will need to find help.

We do a bit of online development, you can start by reaching out to us if you need a place to start.

4. A Budget

In both your personal and business life it is important to have both a budget and a savings. Especially if you are completely independent, you need to understand the monetary nature of the insurance sales business is cyclical. Make sure you have money saved for the lean times, so you can have more focus and excitement for the good times.

5. A Business Plan

To succeed in insurance, you need a plan. This means that in addition to setting sales goals, you also need to be very familiar with your business numbers. Keeping track of BOTH money in and money out is your job and the key to your success.

Conclusions on Success in Sales

There it is! To reach success in sales you need to have a plan for both your own motivation and productivity, in addition to a business plan.

Now, decide if you have what it takes, and then don’t doubt that you will make it.

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